Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hi. It's been so long since i last blogged. Heh, it's the 27 now, 2012 is near. Baby's legal 18 is near, and our 4th is approaching too. Alhamdullilah we come this far, Alot of things happened lately. But, I'm still strong because i love him so much. Just now met bby, suke sgt! HAHA :> Met apidd,shiryn,matsha,fadzly and her matae. But ended up with only Apidd and shiryn. Hehehe, omg! I swear they very cute together, sigh. Hahaha, so kite tadi 'double date' lah gitu. Went foodcourt to makan, then went to mat's blk and bby sent me till woodlands today! :D baik matae aku. Niary je, besokbesok jgn harap :P Sigh, now. Im in no mood alr uh. Bye uh. Chey, padahal dh blank. I think i shall end now before i splatter nonsense. Toodles.

;Sealed with love,xx♥

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Especially for my cute,lovely,gemok,tembam,bulat, awesomez boyfriend? tsk. I shall start what I'm suppose to say. Muhammad Firdaus Bin Abdullah, I know we're not in good terms. I know everything that happen is all shitszx, Im th one who's to be blame for. I hate myself for not being a good girlfriend to you, I make you cry, I didn't take good care of you. Worst thing, I BROKE YOUR HEART. I'm sorry dear :'( We fought alot in this relationship, honestly saying I don't like it. Tsk, people can see us as something good in their eyes, but they don't know how we're behind them. Sayang, I've lost you TWICE and I don't want that FUCKING thing to happen again. I LOVE YOU, and when i say this, please trust me for once syg, PLEASE :'( I'm not losing you anymore. I wouldn't want to wish for someone better because that someone is INFRONT of me, he's already in my heart syg. And that guy, his the apple to my pie, the straw to my berry, the weed to my high and you're the one i wanna be with, Remember that syg? :'> Omg, can't believe I'm crying. Remember all our beautiful nights we spent together otp?:'> We talked to until i went to sleep, remember? You sang for me before i go to sleep? Tsk, how am i suppose to stay mad at you or even forget you when you're the one who gave me too much of memories together to remember. I know we have big egoes, sometimes, Us in our mind is just a dream not a reality. I don't deserve someone as good as you to take care of a bitch like me. You're way to good to deserve me syg. I'm way to evil to have someone like you because all i do is hurt your feelings and that's not good. tsktsk. I think i shall stop here ok darling? Tsk. ILOVEYOUSOMUCHTOOLETYOUGO. Never ever leave me again or keep me hanging on a cliff which is about to break and fall when you don't plan to catch me again after what i've done to you. Muhammad Firdaus Bin Abdullah, I've found you at an unexpected place and time, and now you're mine. haha, sucha dream i have. Ohya, we nvr brokeup darling, so there's no need to say we're back together. It seems like you really want me to leave. We're not in talking terms only syg, I nvr leave. I'm always with you. Loveyou Mok, Xx


;Sealed with love,xx♥


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